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The Education Professional Standards Board was established as part of the 1990 Kentucky Education Reform Act to oversee the education profession. EPSB is the standards and accreditation agency for Kentucky teachers and administrators and for programs of education at Kentucky colleges and universities. Originally under the Kentucky Department of Education, the board became an independent agency in June 2000.

Educational Services Project Specialist

The EPSB requests the services of a Project Specialist. The Project Specialist shall
complete tasks as assigned by the EPSB Director of Educator Preparation. The Project
Specialist shall facilitate a data and technology advisory committee representative of
all Kentucky teacher preparation programs, represent the EPSB on related committees
and workgroups, coordinate the activities of various EPSB and institutional P-20 data collaborative work groups, and collaborate with the EPSB staff and contractors on the
successful development and implementation of the P-20 data collaborative initiative.

The Project Specialist is expected to perform the duties listed above at the EPSB
offices, 100 Airport Road, 3rd Floor, Frankfort, KY 40601 unless otherwise needed by
the Executive Director. Minimal travel may be required.

Details on the RFP process may be found here

Education\Investigative Services

The EPSB is seeking to establish two (2) contracts for Investigative Services. The
Investigative duties consist of traveling throughout Kentucky, interviewing victims
and witnesses, retrieving and reviewing relevant documents including court records,
preparing appropriate written and documented investigative reports for use by EPSB
attorneys, and providing testimony at administrative hearings. Travel throughout
Kentucky will be required.

The EPSB’s Division of Legal Services will provide the awarded contractor(s) with
information on each investigation. All information provided to the contractor by the
EPSB shall remain the exclusive property of the EPSB. The contractor agrees to use the information pursuant to the contract and shall maintain the confidentiality of
proprietary information.

The EPSB shall not be liable for any workers compensation claims, health related
claims or personal property damage claims for any persons, equipment, or facilities
working for or used by the contractor.

Federal, state, county and local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations that in any
manner affect the services in this RFP and the resulting awarded contract(s) apply.
Lack of knowledge by the contractor shall not be cause for relief of responsibility.

Details on the RFP process may be found here


Prosecuting Attorney Services

The EPSB is currently seeking proposals to supply Prosecuting Attorney Services to the Division of Legal Services. The Division of Legal Services is responsible for prosecuting disciplinary cases against certified educators. Three (3) prosecuting attorney personal service contracts may be awarded from this request for proposals.

The EPSB is seeking the services of an attorney to prosecute cases of teacher misconduct
pursuant to Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) Chapter 13 B and KRS 161.120. The attorney may be assigned approximately 100 - 150 disciplinary matters to prosecute under the direction of an EPSB staff attorney during the course of the contract period. Prosecution of teacher disciplinary cases consists of investigating the allegations in the initial report or complaint, interviewing witnesses, negotiating agreed orders, drafting charges, researching relative case
law, prosecuting educators in administrative hearings pursuant to KRS Chapter 13B, and drafting pre and post hearing briefs. The attorney may utilize the EPSB's offices located at 100 Airport Road, 3rd Floor, Frankfort, KY 40601, to perform the scope of services.

Details on the RFP process may be found here